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Dream of an Acacia Tree HD

Devotees of this blog may recall my first Twine game, and second game I ever published, Dream of an Acacia Tree being a fun, creative, absolutely bug-infested hot mess. Well, for those of you who missed out the first time, … Continue reading

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The US Government’s War on Buffalo

Awhile ago, I wrote about the New Zealand colonists’ attempt to wipe out local species as a reflection of their conflict with the indigenous Maori. While not done as a direct attempt to hurt the Maori people, both the stated … Continue reading

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A brief history of weaponized insects

We’re an interesting species. Let no one say that, for all our faults, a lack of creativity is one of them. We’ll come up with all kinds of ways to hurt each other and mess things up. We’ll even pull … Continue reading

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Mongooses, Cockatrices, Magic Plants and the Evolution of a Story

Saddle up Sonny Jim, this is a long one.

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Cultural Keystone Pokemon

The phrase “cultural keystone species” was introduced in 2004 in a paper by Ann Garibaldi and Nancy Turner. The whole paper is available to read online, and its worth reading. The idea is similar to that of the ecological keystone … Continue reading

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Ecology of the Mushroom Kingdom – The Evolution and Ethnobotany of the Piranha Plant

People often think of plants as a relatively static form of life. They are more passive and reactive to their environment as opposed to the more active and dynamic animals. Some people have trouble even thinking of plants as anything … Continue reading

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