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Dream of an Acacia Tree HD

Devotees of this blog may recall my first Twine game, and second game I ever published, Dream of an Acacia Tree being a fun, creative, absolutely bug-infested hot mess. Well, for those of you who missed out the first time, … Continue reading

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Eufriesea – A Game of Orchid Bees

I’m very happy to announce my second Patreon-funded game. Eufriesea are a genus of orchid bee, and I’ve wanted to make a game about them for awhile. Orchid bees are not social like honey bees. They are solitary, only meeting … Continue reading

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Dream of an Acacia Tree

So not a lot of posts lately. This has largely been because I’ve been busy working on grad school stuff and also learning a few game-making tools. In particular this week I’ve been teaching myself Twine, and I have to … Continue reading

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Ecology of the Mushroom Kingdom – The Evolution and Ethnobotany of the Piranha Plant

People often think of plants as a relatively static form of life. They are more passive and reactive to their environment as opposed to the more active and dynamic animals. Some people have trouble even thinking of plants as anything … Continue reading

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