My Games

You can play some of my games below:

Eft to Newt – A fun, experimental Twine game. Buying it helps contribute to saving the near-endangered axolotl salamander!

Clione – An ongoing illustrated story. Currently up to Chapter 2.

Benthic Love – The original anglerfish dating simulator.

The Handsomest Echidna – Learn about really cool endangered animals in this short, interactive and humorous story. You can also see the original, Twine version of this game Here.

Bucky’s Poem Adventure – A Mario-style platformer, only instead of collecting coins and jumping on mushrooms, you collect inspiration for poetry. Help Bucky come up with a poem in time for his big recital.

Eufriesea: A Game of Orchid Bees – Go on an adventure to find the perfect odors and learn just how trustworthy flowers can be.

Scribbly Walrus – A simple game about frolicking and marine mammals.

Pet Loris Simulator – A conservation-focused game you cannot win, designed to showcase the horrors of the illegal pet trade and provide a counter-narrative to viral youtube video of “cute” pet lorises. Also features me singing for some reason.

Mother She Killed Me, Father He Ate Me – An exploration of power and choice through a classic Grimm fairy tale.

Dream of an Acacia Tree – My first Twine game. Part botany lesson, part fever dream.

Babirusa Pig Game – A short game that places you in the mind of a fascinating species of Indonesian pig. They eat danger, poop secrets and I always want to spell their name “barbirusa” but it is actually “babirusa”.

Faster Than A Speeding Bullet – A short Twine experiment about being a costumed hero that is totally not infringing on any licenses owned by DC Comics.

Will o’ Wisp – Play as a wisp of light charged with deciding the fate of lost humans. Do you lead them to treasure or to death? To grand destinies or horrible curses?

Pangolin Valentine – A short game to coincide with Valentine’s Day and World Pangolin Day. Collect pun-filled cards and deliver them to the correct animal.

Final Fantasy VI Recast – A “Brechtian romhack”

Invisible Cities: The Party Game – An acting and drawing game for 2 or more players

I also authored and illustrated an interactive kid’s book starring The Academic Axolotl available for iOS. I also wrote the script for Pica the Pangolin and the Greedy Guzzler, another interactive kid’s book about interesting animals.

I also contributed two articles for reAction Zine, and honestly if you like any of my writing here you have no excuse for not reading every article they published.

If you would like to contribute to my work in ecology and nature-based games, please visit my Patreon page.


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