Game Criticism and Discussion
Anatomy of Games – Jeremy Parish looks at how classic games convey information to the player.
Boss Fight Books – Has been publishing interesting books about important games.
Critical Distance – A weekly collection of some of the most interesting games criticism. Curated by Kris Ligman and Alan Williamson. You can support them on Patreon.
Elizabeth Simins – Makes comics and games and is part of the Feminist Gaming Illuminati. You can support her on Patreon.
Legends of Localization – The translator who gave us Mother 3 in English looks at the history of localization and translation in games.
Mattie Brice – One of the top voices in video game criticism and required reading. Also makes games worth checking out. You can support her on Patreon.
Mark Fillipowich – Mark writes quality analysis of jrpgs.
Sufficiently Human – Collects the game criticism of Lana Polansky. You can support her on Patreon.
ZEAL – A micro zine of games criticism created by Aevee Bee and featuring a number of talented writers. You can support ZEAL on Patreon.
Zoya Street – Zoya is a games historian and journalist. He also started the Critical Proximity conference.

Game Developers
Anna Anthropy – Maker of games, books and zines and currently working on a book about the history of ZZT I am way to excited to read. You can support her on Patreon.
Arcane Kids
– “Make the games you wish to see on the Dreamcast”
Christine Love – Creator of Analogue A Hate Story and others.
Electropolis – Pauli Kohberger makes games, illustration, writing and runs the Dating Sim Jam.
Gaming Pixie – Makes games about fantasy, identity and more.
Leon Arnott – Makes comedic browser games and interesting romhacks.
Merrit Kopas – Fantastic game designer and critic. Also curates the indispensable Forest Ambassador site, which collects a great deal of interesting and interdisciplinary games. You can support her on Patreon.
Nina Freeman – Creator of How Do You Do It?, Ladylike and others.
Pixie.Mania – Soha makes powerful experimental narrative games such as reProgram
Twinbeard Studios – Makers of games like Frog Fractions and Desert Hike EX
Zoe Quinn – Game designer behind Depression Quest and Tidbytes.

So You Want To Make Games?
Twine – Twine is an open source, extremely easy to learn but also extremely powerful tool for making interactive, nonlinear stories. You can learn the basics in a few minutes and make your first game in an afternoon. Powerful enough to make extremely complex kinds of games while also great for creating just as moving and resonate “simple” games. Anna Anthropy has a fantastic Twine tutorial for newcomers.
Ren’py – A free python-based game creator designed for making Visual Novel games. Easily to learn, and technically the first tool I ever made a game with.
Construct 2 – What I’ve been making my most recent games in. Makes HTML games that can be ported to Android and iOS. Construct 2 is fairly easy to learn and the free version gives you a lot to work with.
Romhacking – If you want to make games by hacking and altering existing classic games, this is a good place to find programs and see examples.

Other Artistic Fields and Mediums
Digital Comics Museum – A huge archive of public domain Golden Age comic book scans
Everything is Terrible – A collective of found-footage artists who are doing God’s work.
Getty Virtual Library – The Getty Museum offers a ton of free, downloadable art ebooks.
Medieval PoC – A fascinating selection of European art history that features People of Color, as well as an historiographical look at how “race” has been understood and categorized throughout art history. Great at tearing apart preconceptions.

Ecology and Biology
ARKive – A fantastic resource for information, photos and videos of unique animals and ecosystems.
Bogleech – A very esoteric collection of stuff involving monsters in pop culture as well as biology, but worth visiting if only for the great write-ups on often ignored or maligned animals. I never realized how much I love barnacles and parasites until this site.
Edge of Existence – An environmental group associated with the London Zoological Society that works towards saving the most vulnerable and evolutionarily distinct animals.
Tetrapod Zoology – Darren Naish has a gift for breaking down complex topics of anatomy and evolution. He also helped create All Yesterdays, which I would (and did) argue does a great job helping connect paleontology to art and games.


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