My name is Mike Joffe.

Video Games of the Oppressed is an attempt to look at video games through the lens of Paulo Freire’s “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” and Agusto Boal’s “Theatre of the Oppressed”. I come from a non-video game background, but have always been an avid gamer. I originally studied art history, in particular focusing on the history of narrative art and how art affects other aspects of culture. Now I’m studying ecology, including some “real” science classes usually considered to be at the other end of the academic spectrum as art. My grad research is focusing on themes of ethnobiology and human ecology. I’ve never felt that art and science should be exclusive or opposed to each other. My goal in this project is to come up with ways I can communicate important concepts of conservation, environmental racism, and human ecology through video games and other mediums. In addition to rambling analysis of old games and ideas for new ones, I also hope to write about how art and ecology are linked, and why we cannot talk about conservation without also discussing issues of oppression.

If you want to support my work creating games about ecology and nature, please visit my Patreon page


3 Responses to About

  1. Isaac Yuen says:

    I love the concept of this blog. Totally subscribed!

  2. prunescholar says:

    I’ve been really enjoying this blog lately – thank you so much for sharing your writing & your thoughts!

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