Dream of an Acacia Tree HD

acaciacover Devotees of this blog may recall my first Twine game, and second game I ever published, Dream of an Acacia Tree being a fun, creative, absolutely bug-infested hot mess. Well, for those of you who missed out the first time, you’re in luck! Today I am extremely proud to announce the release of Dream of an Acacia Tree HD for Windows, Mac and Linux. iOS and Android ports are coming soon as well!

Experience the majesty, the intrigue, the adventure of being a stationary tree on the African savannah!

Learn to make split-second tactical decisions on how to handle different herbivores, just like a real acacia tree!

Witness the marvels of symbiosis first hand, and then utilize political cunning and technological marvels to BEND THOSE SYMBIOTES TO YOUR WILL! Have tree sex via bee!

This game is full of nonsense and fun surprises, but don’t forget the real, ripped-from-the-savannah science behind all that goofiness. Acacia trees are a fascinating plant that make choices based on their environment. It is hard for us to think of plants using what we would call “intelligence” but the truth is plant behavior is very complex. This isn’t to say plants are “intelligent” or “self aware” as we are, but they are complicated, wonderful things that eat sun and poop oxygen, and that should be enough for anyone.

Dream of an Acacia Tree HD is available at itch.io. Untitled-3

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