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Clione, Chapter 1

Now for something a little different. This is the first chapter in an ongoing, serialized Twine story. Clione is inspired by years of reading the Moomins, Bone, Pogo, Uncle Scrooge and other comics and stories that mixed whimsical cartoon worlds … Continue reading

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A Guide to Monster Love

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and that means young fancies invariably turn to thoughts of love. Of course, “love” can mean many things. This Valentine’s Day, many will turn to literary sources of romance. Of those people, many will turn to … Continue reading

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Several Thousand Years of Reploid Aesthetics: An Ethnography of the Mega Man Universe

I’m really interested in fake realities, how we think about them, how they emerge, how we decide what is a “real” fake story and what isn’t. We’re the nerdiest species in evolutionary history, obsessively connecting things that were never necessarily … Continue reading

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