Bucky’s Poem Adventure

My first game of 2015 is a poetry-creating platformer. Guide Bucky the Weasel as he seeks inspiration for his next poetic masterpiece. Explore the forest and surrounding areas (some of them secret!) and choose what to base your poem on. Once you have enough lines written, head to the recital and present your work!


Left and Right Arrow Keys – Move Bucky left or right
Up Arrow Key – Make Bucky Jump
Space Bar – When you see a lightbulb over Bucky’s head, he has the potential to be inspired by whatever triggered it. Press the Space Bar to write a line of your poem.
The Space Bar is also used for a few context-specific purposes like starting the game or reciting your poem.


This game was funded by my Patreon backers. Special thanks to Anthony Burch, Joanna Pushee, Matthew Marko, Jonathan Wright, Ian O’Dea, Malakoopa, Jackson Tyler, Katy Ellis O’Brien, Daniel Parker, Seb Atay, Dustin Deckard and Michael Macielak.

Download it for Windows and OSX at itchi.io

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