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Eft to Newt

Eft to Newt is actually the very first Twine game I ever started working on. The idea was based on two themes: improv and the axolotl salamander. There is an improv warm-up game, often used to generate ideas and themes … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s (and Pangolin) Day

Happy Valentine’s Day. Also happy World Pangolin Day. To celebrate the forced commoditization of love AND the most charismatic of endangered scaled mammals, here is a new game. The pangolin has mixed up and lost all their valentines! Only you … Continue reading

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The Games Baboons Play

While I’m still technically involved in academia, I’m doing my best to take advantage of my access to the wealth of academic papers and journals normally kept behind paywalls and other gates. I really, REALLY wish this stuff was more … Continue reading

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