Pet Loris Simulator


Lorises are a slow-moving, adorable and strange primate found distantly related to the lemur. Slender lorises are found in India and Sri Lanka, while slow lorises are found in Southeast Asia. They are an undeniably charismatic animal, and they are also quite endangered.

Lorises were traditionally hunted for meat and as a source of traditional medicine, however they were never hunted in huge numbers, and traditional hunting never threatened the population of the animals. The problem comes from demand from wealthier nations for these animals as pets. The most demand for pet lorises comes from the US and Japan, and there is also demand from Europe, China and Saudi Arabia. Aside from habitat loss, the pet trade is the biggest problem facing lorises.

Have you ever seen a youtube video of a charismatic animal and wondered, “could I take care of this animal?” Well now you can find out. This game will test your ability to take care of a loris, and determine if you are qualified to raise one as a pet. Don’t feel discouraged if you fail, because everyone will fail. No one is qualified to raise a loris as a pet. They make TERRIBLE pets. I was interested in making a game that teaches through failure. You cannot beat this game, and through failing you walk away knowing why the exotic pet trade is so harmful not just to the individual animals, but to the larger systems that those animals, and we, exist in.

Pet Loris Simulator

For more information on the plight of the loris, here are some links
Prof Anna Nekaris’ Little Fireface Project
The Curse of Cute
Slow Lorises: A Pet Trade Horror Story

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