Dream of an Acacia Tree

So not a lot of posts lately. This has largely been because I’ve been busy working on grad school stuff and also learning a few game-making tools. In particular this week I’ve been teaching myself Twine, and I have to say I wish I had started earlier! Twine is wonderfully intuitive and able to create all kinds of games and experiences.

In order to learn the basics of Twine, I put together the following game: Dream of an Acacia Tree a botanical “edutainment” game.

The game starts with you as a normal acacia tree, trying to grow and survive the assault of various herbivores. Utilize your natural ability to increase tannin production! Learn the secret of symbiosis! See just how far you can get with just thorns!

One you have learned the basics, unlock Level Two. The educational value of Level Two is… significantly more limited. Use the skills and knowledge you’ve learned to fight dangerous new threats and uncover fantastic new worlds!

Special thanks to Andrew Chase and the team behind Electric Giraffe. It is nice to know that artists who create metal giraffe sculptures and robots are so approachable when random people write them to ask if they can use their art for free in a silly game. Seriously people, if you want to use or completely reproduce someone’s art in your work ASK THEM FIRST!

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7 Responses to Dream of an Acacia Tree

  1. prunescholar says:

    I saw the preview of this you tweeted and it is absolutely joyful. I’m looking forward to playing the final version (and fully exploring LEVEL TWO); I’m pretty sure the ecologist I live with will get a huge kick out of it. Thank you for making this! :3

    • joffeorama says:

      Thanks! I would be really interested to see what ecologists thought about it.

      • prunescholar says:

        As you might have expected, she made no mistakes – unlike me who killed off all the ants dutifully until the game clued me not to. And she liked the focus on the symbiotic relationship in the game because, “symbiosis is cool”.

  2. This is really cool! I can feel the candybox influence in chapter 2.

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